hyukjae.. climbed.. a pole.. like a monkey (not to mention he sexy danced the moment before this beast)

he has such strong legs 8D 

Holy mother fuck. I have never been this red in my entire life. HYUKJAE. WAE?!

Please, tell me I’m not the only girl blushing madly and having little dirty thoughts while seeing him dancing like this and stripping off his jacket >///w///< 

Teukie seems good at using tools…I’ll make him make up my furniture when I’ll have my own house XD 

Click and drag game

I’ve just played it once again and the results are quite interesting XD

Best friend: Kyu…It seems I like to be friend with evil people XD


First Kiss: SUUUUUUUUNGMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN OwO Holy fucking Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah >/////w/////<

Lover: Siwon…Mhhh, why not, he’s the perfect gentleman and has so perfect, delicious eye-catching abs *p*

N°of children: 3…What can’t they understand in the sentence “I DON’T WANT CHILDREN !” ?! XD 

Cockblocked by: That’s the funniest part…SIWON XD Yeeeeaaah I’m cockblocked by my Lover XD So I suppose it partly resolves the problem of the children XD 

Best friend : Heechul…OMO, it would be so funny XD

Has a crush on you: Yesung…It doesn’t bother me AT ALL >w<

First Kiss: Donghae…Not one of my bias but HEY it’s romantic Fishy *//w//*

Lover: Teukie…YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAH, Bias n° 2 >///w///</ 

No. of children: Twins…Oh My Shisu, nooo, pleeeaaaaaase, I don’t want children…Mmmhhh, I can think about this if they’re as cute as my lover XD

Cockblocked by: Kyu…Well, it’s our EvilMagnae after all XD

I think I’ll play it everyday…or minute XD I want to have Sungmin as crush, first kiss or lover >//w//<

SS4 Here I go !

Less than 2 days to know all songs used in SS4…FIGHTING !! \^w^/ A little disappointed because Henry and Zhoumi won’t be there and it seems they won’t do “Cooking cooking”, “It’s you”, “Super Girl” and “Marry U” :-S But sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to see them ^w^ I’m so impatient !!!! 

Happy B-day to our handsome and sexy Dance machine monkey ^w^ 

ELF and SHAWOL forever ^w^

ELF and SHAWOL forever ^w^